Saint Louis, Missouri - July 31, 2012 - Liquid Rarity Exchange™ (LRE) is introducing a new investment product of rarity assets securitized in publicly traded vehicles. With this innovative asset class, financial advisors and the public can now invest in the previously exclusive high-end rarities market. The world’s most valuable precious objects, such as a Cezanne painting or a Stradivarius violin, can now be owned in fractional shares and publicly traded for the first time. Liquid Rarity™ funds have significant benefits when compared to private funds.

“Rarities” refers to any unique, tangible asset of high value that cannot be reproduced. Liquid Rarity funds are under development in the following asset categories; precious gems and jewelry, musical instruments, fine art, antiques, timepieces, photography, entertainment and sports memorabilia, rare vehicles, recovered treasure, wine, museum pieces, autographs and historical documents.

Liquid Rarity funds...
   • are a new tangible asset class of securities, backed by government issued intellectual property.
   • are co-managed/serviced by the top rarity experts/specialists in each sector.
   • focus on the highest quality assets and highest profit potential.
   • are comprised of rarity sectors that provide a significant history of average annual returns.
   • offer the benefits of public securities compared to private investments in rarity assets.
   • enable retail investor participation in specific rarity sectors via public securities for the first time.
   • allow financial advisors to diversify clients and allocate into a rarities strategy.
   • incorporate state-of-the-art asset protection and tracking systems, resulting in reduced insurance costs.
   • match the global demand for rarity assets in view of market volatility and geopolitical uncertainties.
   • are partnered with experienced, strategic and innovative investment banks.

Liquid Rarity Exchange provides a “turnkey” approach to acquisitions and tangible asset management. Approved rarity asset experts/specialists will choose and obtain the highest investment-quality fund assets. The assets will be certified for authenticity, appraised, securely stored and insured by incorporating state-of-the-art asset protection and tracking systems. The LRE Board of Advisors reviews and oversees the “proposal to prospectus” process.
John Rood, VP of Investment Finance says, “LRE is currently considering several fund proposals in the $35M to $100M range that could trade publicly trade in the next 12 to 18 months. We expect Liquid Rarity funds to create a powerful opportunity to enter the publicly traded rarities market.”

Liquid Rarity Exchange has the exclusive patent rights to this investment archetype; a “first in the art” completely unique business method.
LRE offers licensing opportunities to investment companies that will introduce, underwrite and manage Liquid Rarity funds. In addition, LRE plans joint venture relationships with investment banks and global insurance companies.

“LRE provides a comprehensive solution to tangible asset management, market ready for investment company adoption, while allowing investment companies to concentrate on their core competencies and strengths,” says Michael Saigh, Managing Partner.




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