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Liquid Rarity™ Funds:  Uniting the Financial World with Global Rarity Asset Specialists


Liquid Rarity Exchange (LRE) is designed to provide public access to a new tangible alternative investment class archetype.   LRE owns the only issued patent creating a new class of securities comprised of rarity assets; tangible items of high value that are one-of-a-kind or of limited number.


Liquid Rarity™ funds are offered to the general public in the same manner as traditional securities; thus uniting the publicly-traded financial world with the world’s top experts in the vast and diverse field of rare valuables.   Rarity asset specialists will hand pick rarities in their respective field of expertise which have the greatest likelihood of appreciation.  Licensed rarity asset appraisers will estimate and confirm the asset’s value.


Investment companies will be provided the opportunity to choose from a variety of Liquid Rarity™ approved fund proposals, in the range of of $35M to $100M+ each, developed with the expertise of licensed specialists and appraisers.


Rarity asset investments have been a long-term portfolio strategy for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals for generations.  LRE now provides the foundation for the general public to share in an investment alternative traditionally only available to the very wealthy.






1.  Liquidity - Rarity asset investments are typically sold through private placements to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.  These placements consult various rarity specialists and invest through a private placement (Reg D) fund that has few disclosure requirements when compared to a standard public offering.  In addition, Reg D funds are limited to a small group of investors and lack liquidity.  LRE is devoted to present tangible rarities of superior value and investment potential to the general public through various SEC registered investment securities.   Through LRE, investors have the ability to purchase fractional shares of Liquid Rarity™ fund assets; the appraisal-driven asset value now becomes a more dynamic market-driven value.


2.  Transparency - Rarity asset private placements offered to highly qualified investors do not require SEC regulation and lacked the safeguards of a public investment offering.  Liquid Rarity™ funds offered to the public will be SEC registered securities. Link: SEC regulations.  All funds considered for public offering by select investment companies will be reviewed by the LRE licensing division and the LRE Board of Directors prior to approval.  The LRE Board of Directors will help enforce transparency, disclosure, and proper registration for all LRE investment offerings.


3.   Objective Analysis and Evaluation - Liquid Rarity Exchange assists licensed investment companies by providing research materials, new funds structuring information in collaboration with specialist/experts and appraisers, global rarity asset monitoring and trading data, and rarity asset future value forecasting.


4.  Secure Storage and Insurance - Liquid Rarity Exchange facilitates the electronic tracking and safe storage of the rarity assets that make up a rarity fund.  All rarity assets whether stored in a vault or in a museum will be properly insured.  Rarity assets held and displayed in museums will allow investors not only to view their investment, but to share it with the public.




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