Liquid Rarity Exchange
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The Securitization of Investment-Grade Rare and Precious Assets, Publicly Traded in Fractional Shares


Liquid Rarity Exchange (LRE) is a business method patent development and licensing company that has been granted the exclusive rights to the establishment of a new and innovative financial exchange archetype based on the securitization of tangible assets.

The term "rarity" refers to any unique tangible asset of high value that cannot be reproduced.  Typically, rarity investments have been made through private placements by ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWI's), while a market that generally outperforms the S&P 500 has remained out of reach of the majority of investors.  LRE bridges this gap through financial advisors diversifying their clients’ portfolio allocations with rarity shares and by bringing liquidity and transparency to what was once an opaque marketplace. 

Well-known financial institutions manage Liquid Rarity Funds by developing various investment vehicles that best fit a particular rarity classification.  The rarity investment securities could be in the form of stocks, load or no load mutual funds, exchange traded rarity funds, derivatives, indices, etc.  All fund assets are certified for authenticity, appraised, securely stored and insured.


Oil Painting

"In today's climate of market uncertainty, investors are constantly seeking dependable alternatives.  Unlike traditional securities, the value of rarity funds is inherently tied to mankind's unwavering appreciation of history and culture."

- Andy Saigh, Managing Partner

LRE'S MISSION is to facilitate fund manager and retail investor access to our proprietary rarity securitization process through: (1) The networking of investment fund managers with Rarity Assets; i.e. Appraisers/Specialists and public/private collections. (2) The governing the review and approval of all rarity fund proposals to financial institutions; (3) The maintaining of transparency and SEC compliance; (4) The participation of our network of preferred insurance groups. (5) The application and development of our Intellectual Property.


Liquid Rarity™ funds could include all rarity classifications including, but not limited to collections and examples in the following categories:  


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