About Us

Rarity Systems, founded in 2011, has developed a new turnkey solution designed specifically for asset investments in fractional shares. The emergence of this new asset class presents an investment bank the opportunity to establish a global brand, advantage and leadership.

We are creating a new asset class that will revolutionize an outdated business model in order to create greater shareholder value.

Mike Saigh is an American inventor, former stockbroker and business professor from St. Louis, MO. Many of his inventions and creations are used daily by millions of citizens around the globe. In the mid 1980s he set out to invent and patent the first electronic book (the early foundation of today’s handheld electronic e-readers, such as the Kindle). His early inventions include video on demand, books on demand, and various technologies protecting and managing digital rights.

In addition, his vast portfolio of inventions and patents include: wireless hospital information technology, automated logistical distribution for the retail industry, innovative alternative energy technologies, new smartphone and cellular protocols, high-tech entertainment applications, and leading edge crime prevention and security networks and related technologies for emergency responders.

Liquid Rarity Exchange is based on another invention by Saigh: United States Patent number 8,015,069 B2, titled “System and Method for Asset Utilization” filed in 2006 and issued in 2011. In short, this “core” patent will provide a new tangible alternative investment based on a market that has increased in value at a rate unmatched by most major stock market indexes over the last 30 years.


Liquidity, Access, and Rock Solid Blockchain Technology.

Financial Firms 

Participate in a trading new Rarity Asset Classes on a broad scale, with significant liquidity. New market, new technology - familiar methods and process for trading, reporting, and management. Our bulit-in exchange will accept all forms of currency from Fiat to Crypto.

Rarity Experts

Our Rarity Experts Program leverages the deep technology and methods to provide the high degree of vetting, provenance, valuation, and custodianship of Rarity Assets. Our REPS are deeply vetted and equipped with the latest resources and tools.

Public & Institutions

Our B2B methods and platform are tailor made for leveraging large scale collections, monetizing and creating liquidity in dormant high value assets. We welcome strategic relationships with public and private museums and educational institutions.

Value Preservation

Our patent-protected digital rights and fractionalization methods bestow new value capabilities to asset owners, including social sharing and interaction, online education, printing rights, and recurring revenue models. 

Heritage Preservation

Expose, educate, and preserve the planet's rich cultural and artistic heritage while creating economic value for asset owners. Rarities are not just 'another product' to be sold - they embody the spirit of human achievement and creativity and are more than just 'an asset'. 

Deep Tech

Our technology process integrates leading scanning, modelling, and IoT (storage and monitoring) systems for a comprehensive approach. We enable the transfer of fractional asset shares and the ability for asset owners to interact virtually, and deeply, with their assets.