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Liquid Rarity Exchange

The Rarest Items in the World
Become the World's Most Lucrative Investment Vehicle

The Liquid Rarity Exchange is a new asset investment class solely devoted to all classifications of Art Assets

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The Liquid Rarity Exchange (LRE) is designed to provide the public with a new tangible alternative investment archetype.   LRE owns the only issued patent creating a new class of securities comprised of Art Assets: tangible items of high value that are one-of-a-kind or of limited in number.
Liquid Rarity Funds are offered to the general public in the same manner as traditional securities, thus uniting the financial world with the world’s top experts in the vast and diverse field of rare valuables.  Liquid Rarity Funds are developed by appraisers and rarity specialists in collaboration with licensed investment companies who register rarity investment funds with the SEC and making them available to the general public as a new investment alternative.

Art Assets chosen for new funds are those judged to have the highest likelihood of appreciation.  New fund proposals by appraisers and rarity specialists are underwritten by investment institutions and offered to the public.  New fund proposals made by appraisers and rarity specialists will provide LRE with a summary, history, appraisal, and growth forecast for each asset within a Liquid Rarity fund.


LRE provides appraisers and rarity specialists with a proposal template for investment companies with background details on the art assets within the fund. The proposal should also include the approximate monetary Art Asset acquisition size required to purchase the fund’s portfolio, the sources of the Art Assets, the purchasing schedule, and a history of the Art Assets themselves.  LRE provides an optional fee-based consulting service to assist in proposal preparation.

The Liquid Rarity Exchange Board of Advisors must approve all proposals prior to submittal to licensed LRE investment companies.

  • A Liquid Rarity Fund proposal may combine the expertise of more than one appraiser/specialist.
  • The LRE Board of Advisors will accept or reject any registration after a short review period.
  • LRE meets with interested financial companies to review the latest fund proposals.
  • Investment companies which show interest in a Art Asset fund proposal will be put in touch with the fund’s creator(s).

LRE holds the exclusive authority to grant IP licensing rights and has no legal obligation to work with any organization or person(s).

Liquid Rarity™ funds could include all rarity classifications including, but not limited to collections and examples in the following categories