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Preferred Insurance Company Partners

Liquid Rarity Exchange is seeking a limited number of commercial property & causality insurance companies to provide insurance and other related services to the Rarity Funds.  Qualified partner organizations will be allowed to bid on insurance coverage.


Liquid Rarity Funds hold investment-grade rarity assets.  Rarities assets held by a fund are insured through large global insurance companies to ensure the shareholders assets.  Insurance coverage includes destruction (loss) of a rarity, theft, deterioration, forgery and seizure.  Due to the unique system of LRE fund asset tracking insurance companies have the ability to take measures to greatly reduce their risk.



Asset Preservation

While assets are held in the fund, special arrangements are made to ensure proper storage and asset preservation.   Sophisticated sensors record environmental monitoring of humidity, vibration, temperature and other relevant metrics. Human surveillance and environmental monitoring combine to create total asset protection and preservation system.™


Rarity Assets are securely monitored when transferred.   During a transfer items are specially packaged and shipped by trained couriers to minimize asset risk.

Patent Licensing

Liquid Rarity Exchange provides patent protection for insurance companies through our issued patents and CIPs on Liquid Rarity Exchange and the asset tracking system.

Liquid Rarity™ funds could include all rarity classifications including, but not limited to collections and examples in the following categories