Why Invest in LIQRX Rarities

The investor benefits of a new publicly traded rarity asset class are vast and include:
• DIVERSIFICATION – a new tangible asset class of securities
• LOW TRADING COST – a new efficient trading platform designed for rarities means lower per trade cost
• LIQUIDITY and transparency
• TRUSTED GLOBAL BRAND for rarity asset investments
• INVESTMENT GRADE ASSETS and an opportunity for significant appreciation
• RETURN ON INVESTMENT comprised of rarity sectors that provide a significant history of average annual returns
• LOW CORRELATION to the stock markets
• WHOLLY VETTED by certified appraisers and specialist in every rarity sub-classification
• ASSET PROTECTION through new tagging solutions, safe storage and other protective technologies
• ENRICHED DATABASE utilizing our patented tracking, individual asset protection, high-definition scanning and interactive 3D technology (www.raritysystems.com)
• The LIQRX Platform includes:
Rarity-based investment dashboards
• Automatically monitors and reviews the rarity investment portfolio and all subclasses of rarities with financial data in real time.
Social reporting and mutual collaboration
• Real time rankings, ratings and reviews. Discover which specialists generate the highest returns on investment and volume, and which investors are most active on the site.

Watch a quick video on LIQRX: [Button for video]

• Create your own virtual rarities domicile and microsite: LIQRX offers a custom review microsite for all your virtual home locations to showcase your collections of rarities together with updated investment information and reports.
Choose from these Virtual Domicile Domains to display your rarities:

1. French Palace built in the 17th century.
2. Luxury Yacht.
3. Island Mansion
4. New York High-Rise
5. Beijing Palace
6. English 12th century Castle
great room for paintings; walk-in in safe for coins and stamps, gems and jewelry; stateroom for paintings and furniture; classic car garage; movie theater; surround sound music concert hall; private museum of antiquities; furniture and artifacts; wine cellar, mahogany library; sports hall-of-fame and other rooms to suit your imagination.


Liquidity, Access, and Rock Solid Blockchain Technology.

Financial Firms 

Participate in a trading new Rarity Asset Classes on a broad scale, with significant liquidity. New market, new technology - familiar methods and process for trading, reporting, and management. Our bulit-in exchange will accept all forms of currency from Fiat to Crypto.

Rarity Experts

Our Rarity Experts Program leverages the deep technology and methods to provide the high degree of vetting, provenance, valuation, and custodianship of Rarity Assets. Our REPS are deeply vetted and equipped with the latest resources and tools.

Public & Institutions

Our B2B methods and platform are tailor made for leveraging large scale collections, monetizing and creating liquidity in dormant high value assets. We welcome strategic relationships with public and private museums and educational institutions.

Value Preservation

Our patent-protected digital rights and fractionalization methods bestow new value capabilities to asset owners, including social sharing and interaction, online education, printing rights, and recurring revenue models. 

Heritage Preservation

Expose, educate, and preserve the planet's rich cultural and artistic heritage while creating economic value for asset owners. Rarities are not just 'another product' to be sold - they embody the spirit of human achievement and creativity and are more than just 'an asset'. 

Deep Tech

Our technology process integrates leading scanning, modelling, and IoT (storage and monitoring) systems for a comprehensive approach. We enable the transfer of fractional asset shares and the ability for asset owners to interact virtually, and deeply, with their assets.